Welcome to the new website of the CibernÓrium


Welcome to the new website of the CibernÓrium

CibernÓrium has a new website, with a new updated design in line with the new spaces and projects, and above all with new functions for the users:

>> Dynamic calendar: It lets you know at a glance what activities are programmed in the different areas on a particular date.

>> Register of users: It enables the users to consult their record of participations, obtain and print certificates, cancel their registration in activities, and consult materials of restricted access, among other possibilities.

>>Resource Centre: It offers a range of didactic dossiers and  video courses (currently more than 190) about different concepts and technological tools, from the most basic ones for Internet beginners, to the most advanced ones in specific ICT training for certain professional sectors.

>> Frequently Asked Questions.  They help to understand the functioning of the CibernÓrium, the system of registrations and the way the new website works.

Wider spread access to the CibernÓrium activities.

The new website incorporates elements to ensure access of more people to the CibernÓrium activities, with new regulations for registrations.

Creative Commons License

Furthermore, from now on, CibernÓrium will have the contents of the new website under the Creative Commons License, following the more collaborative trends of current property of contents on the net.  Therefore, any person is free to copy, distribute or publicly communicate the work, provide this is done without commercial or promotional purposes, and that the property Barcelona Activa ┐ CibernÓrium is clearly stated, and that derived works are not generated.


The contents of the new website are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

New website address

The website of the CibernÓrium can be found at the new address, www.bcn.cat/cibernarium but will also continue at the address, www.cibernarium.cat

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